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Long Island Loan Modification Attorneys

Monteiro & Fishman LLP are based on Long Island specializing in Loan Modification & Foreclosure Defense cases. We are experienced attorneys that you can trust.

Stressed Out? Frustrated? Anxious?

You may be struggling to pay your mortgage or have even fallen behind and now face foreclosure. Looking for options, you attempt to modify your loan and lower the payments, but your own bank gives you the run-around. They shuffle you between departments and give different answers to the same basic questions. The bank then makes you fill out a loan mod application and requests document after document. When everything is finally submitted, the bank requests another application and more documents because the prior ones expired. The bank then denies your application for an improper reason or even no reason at all – sound familiar?

At Monteiro & Fishman LLP, we break this cat and mouse cycle. We analyze your finances and properly determine your loan mod eligibility – even if the bank already denied your application. If accepted as a client, we work the numbers, fix any errors that were previously made, and correctly prepare and submit the application with all supporting documents. We hound the bank to ensure that all documents are properly received and reviewed – not mysteriously lost. We then use our substantial legal know-how and experience to negotiate a better loan for you, which may include reducing the mortgage payments and interest rates, forbear or defer any arrears or portions of the principal. To the bank, your house is an “asset”, but to us, it’s your family’s home – and we’re going to fight to help you keep it.

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